AGS Ambiente is the division of AGS Costruzioni srl dedicated to environmental assessment and sanitation.

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Sanitization of environments with REair® treatment

REair is a patented product unique of its kind: the result of years of scientific experimentation, REair benefits has been recognized by eminent academics of the international scientific community. 

Its titanium dioxide based formula is considered the latest generation of photocatalytic solution. with its extraordinary sanitizing ability, the formula is designed to guarantee sustainable self-cleaning, hygiene, better air and safety to living and working indoor environments and even outdoor condition. 


Made with 100% natural components

REar its a 100% environmentally friendly product. It does not contain chlorine, ammonia, bleach or any other chemical additive. It is activated due to the action of light and air humidity in a photocatalytic process


Developed by a team of Italian researchers

REair has been entirely developed and tested in Italy. Its formula has been certified by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Ferrara and by the National Research Council and it's now patented all over the world.


It maintains its photocatalytic effect for at least 2 years

The effectiveness of the REair treatment has a measurable duration in about 2/3 years. A lasting purifying action

Staphylococcus aureus 99.98%
Escherichia coli 99.79%
NOX - Nitrogen Oxides 94%

Eliminate pollution

REair accelerates the decomposition of harmful organic substances present in the environment.

Activate by the light

REair is composed of photocatalytic molecules that are activated by natural light and humidity.

Eliminates odors

REair destroys mold and prevents it from re-forming, and effectively removes unpleasant odors.

Neutralizes viruses and bacteria

REair is able to break down a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including some antibiotic-resistant ones.

AGS is the certified REair applicator

Trattamento REair in una palestra

REair is applied by atomising it on the surfaces, protecting the areas excluded from the treatment.

Generally we can treat a medium-sized apartment in half a day.

The rooms are immediately usable after the treatment, making it possible to treat even commercial rooms in the closing hour.

AGS Ambiente as a REair certified applicator performs, together with the customer, an environment and organic pollution analysis, before and after the treatment, to measure the volatile and deposited organic components and follow their progress over time.

In addition, a report is released to the client with all the data collected.


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